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Saviors Day represents our Heritage, our Success, our Evolution and our Commitment to be the Servants of Humanity that Al-Islam calls all of us to be.   "Al-Islam is the most democratic ideology on this earth. It promotes freedom, respect, dignity, honor, power, leadership for the individual and makes the Individual a partner in the future of Government." Imam W. Deen Mohammed


The Mosque Cares is committed to being a leader in establishing a balanced community life.  Our commitment is based on Al- Qur'an and following the life example of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH); Saviors Day is our distinguished Heritage representing our shared history, legacy and our first established National Day to celebrate our community.  We are often reminded of Imam Mohammed's words in which he stated "coming through the common experiences as African-Americans, enduring slavery, reconnecting to Islam, G-d has made us a New People!"  

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